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Brazilian Steakhouse

Gourmet Specialty Bar

Allow us to seduce your senses with our amazing Gourmet Specialties Bar, where you will find more than 50 finely prepared dishes to satisfy the most demanding palates. Here you will savor everything from mouthwatering ceviche, to salad, pasta, vegetables to garnish your favorite cuts, many other surprises.
Even though most of our clients visit us looking for our delicious cuts, many others know that our Gourmet Specialties Bar is a unique attractive on its own, which can only be savored at Bovino’s Churrascaria.


Bloody Bonny

Bovino’s version of the Bloody Mary, inspired bye Anne Bonny, a sanguinary pirate from the 18th century. Prepared with Tito’s Vodka, an artisan drink, handmade in Austin Texas, we rim the glass using hibiscus salt with activated charcoal, which contributes to cleanse the blood. This refreshing beverage deploys an assortment of flavors, heightened with bacon and shrimp flakes.

Eau de Bovinos

A drink inspired in the beauty of women, prepared with sparkling wine, lime grass syrup, Armonico gin, and a touch of lime. The result is refreshing, aromatic, and delicious beverage, decorated with an edible flowers bouquet.

Midnight Espresso

This beverage blends two classic cocktails based on the exquisite flavor of coffee. Carajillo and espresso martini provide their best, with robust flavors. Then, we add our especial mix, prepared with coffee liquor from Veracruz and corn liquor; two Mexican products are merged with two classic beverages, in order to achieve a delicious liqueur of a unique taste.

Gin Berries

A refreshing blend of Puerto de Indias gin, with strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. Ask for whole or mashed fruit to taste with a sip.

Gin C

The taste of Beefeater gin is heightened with delicious slices of dehydrated lime, orange and grapefruit, which add their own personality to the mix, with acid, sweet, and bitter nuances.

Gin Pineabeet

A delicious beverage prepared with Armonico gin; we add chunks of dehydrated pineapple for a sweet taste, and beetroot to provide a mysterious color, and achieve a perfect balance.


The master move that comes from mixing Don Julio 70 tequila with beetroot, oleo saccharum, an orange rind extract, and an aromatic grape capsule. To keep with strategy, you must burst the capsule and say: checkmate!

Caribbean Mist

An aromatic beverage prepared with natural products, such as carrot, orange, lime, and agave syrup, with a distillate recognized by its purity, without process, which prevents hangovers. It is smoked with mesquite chips and special such of tortilla salt.



This is typical Brazilian dessert; a true exotic delight, prepared with chocolate and a delicious filling that combines brigadeiro and sprinkles.

Papaya Cream

As its name implies, this is a soft and fresh papaya mousse, which is perfectly combined with Cassis liquor.

Crème Brulée

A classic dessert of French confectionery, which is made with traditional creamy vanilla custard, covered with a thin crust of brown sugar caramel.

Chocolate Fondant

Instantly baked chocolate shuffle with a liquid center the melts in the mouth, accompanied with an aromatic vanilla ice cream.

Corn Cake

A spongy cake made with tender corn cob, which is served accompanied by a delicious vanilla ice cream.

Bahian Morango

A soft yogurt cream, accompanied with crispy meringues and the juiciest berries.

Bovino’s-style Neapolitan Flan

There will always be space for a delicious flan, especially when it is traditional homemade dessert, accompanied with caramel sauce.

Morango Bahiano

A soft yogurt cream, accompanied with crispy meringues and the juiciest berries.

Passion Fruit

This is a light dessert; it is prepared with a delicious passion fruit mousse, which provides a subtle citrus touch that is balanced by the sweetness of an amaretto liquor.

Passion Fruit Cheesecake

A traditional cheesecake complemented by a smooth of mezcal and passion fruit ice cream.

Banana Millefeuille

You’ve got to ry this crispy puffed pastry, prepared with a sweet banana cream stuffing, and slightly sprinkled with powder sugar.

Brazilian Delight

This dessert is prepared with crispy homemade meringues; we cover the with a ball of vanilla ice cream, and on top we add caramel and walnut.

Ipanema Garota

We shape a delicious chocolate sphere with a center the combines vanilla ice cream, meringue, and walnut; all is bathed with an irresistible hot caramel sauce.


If you enjoy the regular cheesecake, you will love our version. We take an Oreo cookie crust and we bath it with an irresistible coulis and juicy berries.

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Bovino's Churrascaria Cancún
Bovino's Churrascaria Playa del Carmen

Bovino’s Degustare

Enjoy an UPGRADE to a fine seafood selection and preparation, specially served at your table. Additionally, you’ll savor the best Choice quality meat cuts and more than 50 dishes from our Gourmet Specialties Bar.

$380 MXN

$580 MXN

$1250 MXN

$380 MXN

$580 MXN

$1250 MXN

* Children price applies for 6 to 11 years of age.
* This prices do not include desserts nor beverages.

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