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Wine Festival at Bovino's Churrascaría ®


If you are one of those people who like to make a meal a culinary experience, then you know that a good wine is essential to accompany a cut of meat.

The kitchen is much more than the preparation of recipes, in order to create and taste a gastronomic experience, you must have the knowledge or advice to know with which drinks to accompany the dishes.

Sommelier service in Cancun restaurant.

At Bovino's Churrascaría ® you are our priority, therefore we offer you a wide and exquisite variety of wines, both national and imported, with which you can accompany our delicious cuts of beef and the gourmet specialties that we have.

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In addition, in order to complement your experience and take you to a new level of quality, we have our qualified and certified sommelier, who will be advising you and suggesting the best options for you to achieve and enjoy the perfect pairing.

Our Wine Festival was a success!

At Bovino's Churrascaría ® we are known for pampering you with seasonal events, and one of them was our Wine Festival, which took place from March 25 to April 4.

At the festival our guests were able to enjoy a fine and unique variety of wines from countries such as Mexico, Europe and the United States (a variety that is not usually found in our wine list).

In addition, those attending the event were guided by our expert sommelier, who recommended the best bottle of wine to achieve the perfect pairing of the special dishes that we offered for the event.

Without a doubt, it was a unique experience for your palate!

Make a reservation today at any of our restaurants to enjoy a good cut of meat accompanied by a good wine.

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