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Why is marbling meat so important?


If you like to be prepared to be able to offer your friends and family some first class grilled cuts of meat, you should pay close attention to this particular article.

As a good lover of meat and its proper preparation, you should know that a cut of meat with a good marbling will give it a flavor, texture and juiciness of the best quality.

What is meat marbling? 

The term marbling of meat refers to intramuscular fat that is stored in the fibers of an animal's muscles. Said fat must be found distributed throughout the cut of meat, being firm and white, like a marble texture.

You must be very careful not to confuse the fat in the marbling with the layer of fat found externally in the meat or around the muscles or bones.

What are the most marbling cuts of meat?

Every good connoisseur knows that a cut of meat with abundant marbling is synonymous with juiciness, flavor and smoothness, being a delight for the palate.

According to the indices of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) there are three levels of quality in meat, depending on the amount of marbling they contain:

- Prime (high quality)
Prime cuts have a high degree of marbling and are characterized by being juicy and smooth. With this level you will obtain delicious cuts with incomparable textures.

- Choice (medium quality)
These cuts are of high quality but with less marbling than the Prime. At this level you can enjoy very juicy and tender cuts of loin and rib.

- Select (low quality)
This is the lowest quality grade of meat cuts. This level does not have the texture, flavor or smoothness of the higher levels due to its low degree of marbling.

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