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TOMAHAWK: A Fine Cut Of Meat For Demanding Palates


Without a doubt one of the favorite cuts for meat lovers is the Tomahawk. This culinary delight maintains a high quality that can satisfy the most refined palates. This cut is a piece of meat that preserves its bone, which gives it an unmatched aesthetic and a special flavor. Also, coming from the side of the beef ribs, it has a perfect combination of intramuscular fat and lean meat, making it an extremely juicy and smooth cut.

Thanks to these attributes the Tomahawk has become world famous for those who enjoy fine cuts. It is recommended to share the cut with another person, since its size and weight make it ideal for more than one palate.

In order to enjoy a piece of this caliber, it is important to visit a place that is distinguished by its cuts of meat. Where to eat a good Tomahawk?

If you are in Cancun or Playa del Carmen, do not hesitate to visit us. Bovino's Churrascaría is one of the most important steakhouse restaurants in the entire region. We have more than 10 years of experience providing exceptional experiences to all the diners who visit us.

Know the exact location of our branches:

Bovino's Churrascaría Cancún: https://bit.ly/3p4uwIV

Bovino's Churrascaría Playa del Carmen: https://bit.ly/2LQ14bt

We are sure that our expert steakhouses will captivate you with the impressive seasoning they add to each cut. We distinguish ourselves by applying a meticulous preparation to each dish, thus achieving a unique dish full of flavors.

This time we want to recommend you try the Tomahawk cut of meat. Without a doubt, one of the house specialties. This distinguished bone cut is for fine palates looking for top quality grilled dishes. It has an extra soft texture, you will feel its flavor travel through its juices in each bite that this premium cut gives, only achieved by our excellent preparation and sealing.

Do not miss the opportunity to taste this exquisite piece of meat. BOOK NOW!:

Bovino's Churrascaría Cancun: bit.ly/reservacancun

Bovino's Churrascaría Playa del Carmen: bit.ly/reservapladelcarmen

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