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The Best RIB EYE In The City Is Here

Steakhouse Rib Eye

If you have already come to Bovino's Churrascaría ®, you have already lived the traditional Brazilian churrasco experience, where you have enjoyed something unique and each of our Choice quality cuts of meat.

Surely you have also tasted our cut of Rib Eye in the Bovino's Churrascaría ® style, you cannot let us lie that with its tender and flavorful meat, it makes us savor its delicious marbling.

At this point you must be salivating from eating a delicious Rib Eye cut, and if you are one of those who have not had the fortune to come to Bovino's Churrascaría ®, this is the ideal time for you to taste our exquisite Rib cut Eye and in addition to a great variety of other cuts.

Cuts of beef: bit.ly/3ftlulj

Grilled Seafood: bit.ly/37kldh1

Wine Cellar: bit.ly/372flsx

We also remind you that we have a large gourmet specialty bar, where you will find more than 50 dishes finely prepared to please the most demanding palates.

Gourmet Speciality bar: bit.ly/3fv1dvs

We share our branches with you so that you can make your reservation and live this great unique experience.

Bovino's Churrascaría Cancún: bit.ly/3m76JHi

Bovino's Churrascaría Playa del Carmen: bit.ly/2Hw4Rsw

Bovino's Churrascaría San Antonio, Texas. Soon opening in 2021: The Shops at La Cantera 15900 La Cantera Pkwy, San Antonio, TX 78256, United States

Facebook: bit.ly/2IXaUHz


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