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The BEST GRILLS For Your Barbecues In 2021


Today there are endless excellent options for acquiring a grill that is ideal for your home barbecue with friends and family. There are multiple sizes, shapes and colors, from affordable prices to high prices, all according to the functionalities and advantages that each grill offers you.

Because we know that you are a true fan of roasts, at Bovino's Churrascaría ® we have taken on the task of identifying which are the most promising charcoal grills for this year 2021, so that you can be prepared to acquire your new grill or change the one you currently have, regardless of whether you are already an expert grill cook who cooks delicious cuts, or a mere hobbyist who likes to organize roast meats to have a good time.

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Which charcoal grills are the most recommended?

Here are our top three recommendations.

1.- Weber Original Kettle 22''
This rotisserie from the prestigious Weber brand offers the facility to be easily transported as it has a portable design. The incredible thing about this grill is that it has accessories to customize the grill according to what you want to cook, which can be from cuts of meat, hamburgers, hot dogs and even pizzas. It also has an innovative cleaning system to remove the ash from the coal that will save you a lot of time when cleaning it.

Purchase link via Amazon.

2.- CARBONeat C25
This innovative rotisserie is famous for having won a contest in the prestigious Shark Tank Mexico business program. Its design is intended to be a personal table grill for up to four people. It has an incredible ignition system that guarantees that in 5 minutes the charcoal will be lit ready to grill your food. It should be noted that this grill is classified as "environmentally friendly" since it uses little coal for lighting and also generates little smoke.

Purchase link via Amazon.

3.- Char-Briol Performance 58'
Crafted with high-quality materials and armed with a classic and elegant design, this powerful rotisserie is your ideal choice when it comes to large-scale grilling. You can easily cook any cut of meat, adding a touch of professionalism to its preparation. Compared to other grills of the same size and power, the Performance is a fairly affordable option. If you like to pamper your family with barbecues every weekend, this is the grill that best suits your needs.

Purchase link via Amazon.

We know that there can be dozens of equally efficient grills. The important thing about each grill is that it allows you to feel comfortable, that you enjoy the cuisine of your cuts, and of course, that it adds an exquisite flavor to each of your grilled dishes. There is nothing better than enjoying a weekend with your favorite charcoal meat and your favorite drink, accompanied by the family gathered to spend a day in total rest!

Also if you prefer to come to a luxurious restaurant with cuts of meat prepared and served in the classic style of a Brazilian rodizio, Bovino's Churrascaría ® will always be your best option.

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