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Sauces To Accompany You Cut Of Meat

Sauces on the grill

Enjoy your cuts of meat on the grill with the best sauces!

Mexicans are used to accompanying food with some hot sauce or some chili. It is something that distinguishes us and is part of our gastronomic culture, that is why we bring you some sauces with which you can accompany your cuts of meat.

Molcajete sauce 

For a barbecue, you cannot miss the center of your table, the sauce better known as "molcajete sauce", this traditional sauce is normally prepared with serrano chili, tomato, salt and garlic, we can add roasted onion to give it a delicious touch.

Brazilian vinaigrette

Another typical sauce for barbecue and for our premium cuts of meat, is the "Brazilian Vinaigrette", for the elaboration of this sauce you need; olive oil, peppers, wine vinegar and salt. It is a good combination to enjoy a juicy cut of beef and even for sea food, if that is the case.

Chiles toreados

There are different ways to prepare "chiles toreados", it can even be different types of chilies that are prepared. The most used to prepare this delicious "sauce" is the serrano. You simply have to simmer the chili that you like the most and roast it, then add roasted onion to give it a tastier touch.

Habanero with Onion

Habanero, the chili best known for being the spiciest, will always give a rich flavor to our dishes and cuts of meat. And even more, if it is prepared with onion, we add lemon juice and a little salt, making this "sauce" one of the most exquisite and spicy. Made for the most daring.

We know that there are many more sauces for you to enjoy your cuts of meat on your barbecue, just these are some of our sauces that we recommend so you can prepare a couple and put them in the center of your table.

In Bovino's Churrascaría ® you can find these sauces that we already mentioned and you will also find them; habanero with lemon, xcatic chili dip and a wide variety of sauces prepared by our best chefs so that you can taste our quality cuts of CHOICE meat that we have for you.


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