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Recommendations To Accompany A Rib Eye With Wine

wine cellar Bovino's Churrascaría

On a typical day, you decide to enter Bovinos Churrascaría to enjoy the delicious flavor of our premium meat, with a good wine pairing. On this occasion, he is undecided about what type of wine is ideal for this day and for his Rib Eye cut of meat. We have the answer you are looking for.

As for a good pairing for the cut of red meat, especially a Rib Eye cut, we have to offer you the following 3 types of wine so that you can accompany it with your cut of meat and have the perfect experience to enhance flavors when the time comes eating and drinking their food.

Cut of meat

We will talk a little about our Rib Eye cut of meat, which with its tender meat and a lot of flavor, makes us savor its delicious marbling. To improve the experience it is necessary to accompany it with a more structured and powerful wine. With a complexity of varieties such as wines that are made with the best-known red grapes, such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

Another type of wine for a good pairing is one that has a mixture of 3 grapes, such as Cabernet, Merlot and Petite Verdot, producing an intense flavor, ideal for our Rib Eye cut of meat.

A contrasting pairing

Finally, we have a wine for a contrast pairing to achieve as a result, highlight certain characteristics, both of the wine and of our cut of meat, and achieve different taste sensations when tasting them separately. This wine must also be red, although a young or medium intensity wine, such as Merlot. This type of wine is also perfect to pair your Rib Eye cut.

Wine cellar

In the Wine Cellar at Churrascaría Bovinos, you can find the best wines for a perfect pairing. With these recommendations that we offer, you can have the best taste experience you have ever had. 


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