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Luxurious Lunches And Dinners for Valentine's Day


We are very excited to be able to receive all lovers in each of our restaurants this Valentine's Day 2021. At Bovino's Churrascaría ® we have lovingly prepared a special with the best of our cuisine and traditional rodizio to celebrate love.


This special is our exclusive BOVINO'S DEGUSTARE package that will turn your Valentine's dinner or meal into a true luxury so that you and your partner can have a gastronomic delight of unique experiences.


Also to liven up your dinner, we will have an incredible surprise for you with a first class guest artist who will play the most romantic music to fill hearts with joy with an explosion of love.

What does BOVINO'S DEGUSTARE include?


We have combined delicious dishes from the sea and land to be accompanied with a select range of wines, in addition to including our famous specialty bar.


Meat cuts:

Our cuts are prepared on the grill so that they can concentrate a delicious flavor, with pleasant aromas and exquisite textures. Each of our pieces has Premium Choice quality which makes them true delicacies. You and your partner will be able to select between beef, poultry, lamb and pork as they are served at your table with Brazilian swords.


> Look at all our cuts in this link.



Our experienced chefs will bring to your table the richest dishes offered by the delicacies of the sea. They will be able to taste luxurious recipes such as traditional lobster, jumbo shrimp and grilled octopus, exclusive Rockefeller oysters and even finely cooked crab hands.


> Look at all our seafood in this link.


Specialty Bar:

Our famous specialty bar has 50 gourmet dishes of national and international cuisine for you to enjoy the best of gastronomy. You can select from an infinite number of pastas, salads, ceviches, cheeses and even sushi rolls.



In addition, the special will include drinks for pairing with a glass of red wine, sparkling wine and white wine so that you can accompany your food. Our cava is finely distributed with famous national and international wines that you will love.



Like any dinner or meal of the highest quality, it is necessary to end it with a flourish. A special night deserves a special dessert, which we assure you will fill your palate with a warm and sweet experience. Our dessert will be prepared alluding to Valentine's Day so that you and your partner can share it.

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What is the cost of the BOVINO'S DEGUSTARE package?


Below we share our different costs for the Bovino's Degustare package in its different presentations. Remember that the price is per person.


> Check the costs in this link.

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