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Learn How To Calculate The Term Of Grilled Meat


If during this weekend you will take advantage of your break to prepare some cuts of meat on the grill in the comfort of your home, you will need to know some recommendations from the grill experts that will surely be very useful.

One of the great doubts that people have when preparing a cut of meat is knowing what the ideal cooking term is, to avoid it being too raw or too burnt, so first you have to review the following information.

What are the terms of grilled meat? 

In the world of grills, cooking meat is traditionally divided into 5 categories, which are:
- Rare.
- Medium Rare.
- Medium.
- Medium Well.
- Well Done.

For better orientation, the first term refers to meat that was cooked for a short time, which concentrates its red color and the center is still a little warm, while the last one is when it has lost its pink color due to a darker tone with a crispy texture in the outer layer of the meat and with little juice inside.

Taking into account these parameters, in home grills the most used terms are Medium Rare, Medium and Medium Well, since they perfectly match one of the cuts preferred by meat lovers, Rib Eye.

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The main thing to prepare exquisite cuts is to have a good fire on the grill. We recommend that you distribute the fathoms on your grill very well so that the heat is uniform in all areas, and thus we avoid that the meat can burn. The most traditional recommendation to know that the fire is ready is to leave the hand in the center, and if it resists for at least 4 seconds, it is the right time to place the cuts.

How do I prepare my meat at the Medium Rare term?

You will need to grill the cut for about 4 minutes per side. When finished preparing, you will notice that the center of the meat is red while the outer layers will turn light brown. This term is popular as it preserves the flavor of the meat and gives it a robust texture.

How to prepare my meat at the Medium term?

If you want your cut with the most common term of all, what you will have to do is grill the meat for approximately 7 minutes per side. When the cut is ready you can verify that the meat is extremely juicy, the center is a light pink color and the outer layer is golden. For many, this term is one of the most delicious since the meat will be soft but without losing its flavor since the juices will be very present.

How to prepare my meat at the Medium Well term?

To achieve this term, you have to cook the meat on the grill for about 9 minutes per side, but you have to be very careful, since if the fire is very powerful or we leave it for longer than it should, we can burn the meat. Medium Well is characterized by a crisp exterior and a uniform dark center, which gives it a stronger flavor. Although in this term there is no abundance of juices, the meat should not be dry.

We hope these tips can be very helpful to you! As we know that you are a lover of cuts of meat, at Bovino's Churracaría ® you will find the most luxurious grilled dishes for when you decide to visit us, whether in a family or business meeting.

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