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How To Prepare The Grill Before You Begin To Grill Your Cuts Of Meat

cuts on a grill

As we know that you love barbecue, and that there are times when you prefer to make a roast meat from home, we share some tips on how to prepare the grill before starting to grill your cuts of meat.

First, you should clean your grill very well with a wire brush to remove any grease residue between each grill rod.

Once it is clean, you must place the firewood to light, remember to avoid lighting it with fuel, since the chemicals are impregnated in the meat and it is bad for your health. We advise you to use special wood to light the grill.

Since the fire of the embers is at its point, we recommend that it is not so high, so that you can place the grill and it will heat up.

Before you start to place your cuts of meat, we advise you to cut an onion in half and pass it on the grill, to give a special touch to the cuts.

If you want to flavor the meat, you can place some aromatic herbs such as rosemary or thyme on the sides of the grill.

Last but not least tip, when you're done grilling your cuts, you can clean the grill again with the wire brush. The grill is hot and it is easier to remove the fat at that time. And so it will be ready for the next barbecue.

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