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About A Rodizio

Rodizio, cuts of meat in Cancun

Brazilian gastronomy is enriched by European, African and indigenous cuisine. This means that in Brazil they have a great variety of typical dishes. When we think of Brazilian meat, the first thing that comes to mind is its churrascos or rodizios, which are very common and are eaten every week.


Rodizios are a service in restaurants very characteristic of Brazil, where normally these restaurants have a fixed price in their consumption per person; Offering a buffet service, they also offer a salad bar and garnishes to taste, where in turn, the waiters of said restaurant pass to the diners' tables offering different cuts of meat roasted in spades. These cuts can be from beef, pork, lamb and poultry.

It is common to find on the tables of these sword restaurants, a piece simulating a traffic light, which indicates with green and red color, so that the diner can use it and inform the waiter whether or not he wishes to be offered a cut. So as not to interrupt the diner and they can enjoy and taste their food.

Steak House Restaurant

At Bovino's Churrascaría we offer all our guests the traditional experience of Brazilian churrasco.

If you have not yet had the experience in our different restaurants that we have, we offer you the most cordial invitation to experience something unique in each of our cuts of meat, which are prepared on a grill by our steakhouses. Our gauchos will visit your table parading with different cuts of beef, buffalo, chicken, pork and lamb in different preparations, allowing you to enjoy a runway of unparalleled flavors on your plate.

You can also enjoy your cuts of meat with the variety of our gourmet specialty bar, where you can find hot and cold dishes such as: soups, pasta, paella, sushi, vegetables, cheeses, fresh salads, cold meats, gourmet cheeses, among others that will make the perfect pairing in each bite. Always accompanying your food with the best selection of our wines or a Caipirinha, a traditional Brazilian drink. Enjoy at Bovino's Churrascaría the premium service and unbeatable flavors and live the experience with us.


We share our restarurant location with you so that you can make your reservation and live this great unique experience.

Restaurant location in Cancun: https://www.en.bovinoschurrascaria.com/steak-house-in-cancun 

Restaurant location in Playa del Carmen: https://www.en.bovinoschurrascaria.com/steak-house-in-playa-del-carmen

Restaurant location in San Antonio, Texas: 15900 La Cantera Pkwy Suite 11200 in “The Shops” mall.

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